Home Demolition Process


There are a few reasons why some We are the expert in house demolition in Sydney.people would like to demolish their home. It could be because the renovation repair is far more expensive than demolishing and building a new one or a good location but dilapidated to renovate.

This could be a full knock down or just partial, depending on the area that the person would like to demolish. Understanding how the home demolition process works will give us a view on what to expect when we decide to take on a demolition project.

First off, once you have found a demolition contractor, you can now secure a Demolition Permit and Building Permit before your project starts. However, you don’t have to do this yourself because most demolition companies will do it for you. Plus it would probably be a lot quicker due to the experience they had with the process.

Second, disconnecting of existing services such as water supply, electricity, drainage and gas is done. Property owners still living in the home should pay particular attention to the number of days required for each service to be disconnected.

You can ask for the disconnection yourself but the demolition company can also do this for you which is better because they already have strong relationships with the appropriate service providers and tradespeople to carry out the works. Their knowledge of the process can result in a more streamlined and cost effective preparation. These services are needed to be disconnected or capped to ensure safety during demolition process.

Third, the removal of asbestos in your home if there’s any. The asbestos team provided by the demolition company will be the ones who will handle the removal of asbestos.

They are all trained and certified in handling it. No one else should be there during the removal process for it is very hazardous to your health once inhaled. For a residential property, this work is done about 1-3 days.

Fourth is the removal of salvageable items. The assigned team for this will remove any salvageable items for resale. This is actually good because you can save money and it’s better for the environment as well.

Fifth is the actual demolition of the property. All safety measures shall be adhered to and only authorised personnel are allowed in the We are the expert of home demolition in Sydney.area. This process is also done with responsibility and carefulness for accidents might happen when proper guidelines are not met.

An excavator will be transported to the site to demolish the house and remove the concrete footings. The excavator will also assist in removing any trees if required.

Last but not the least is the cleaning up. All demolished materials are carefully placed in the skip bins and removed from the site. Once this is completed, the property is now ready for construction or renovation.

So this is basically what happens during the whole home demolition process. A careful understanding of this would help you prepare if ever you will decide on having your home demolished instead. Bear in mind that the whole demolition including applying for permits and disconnection of services will take some time.

We aim to eliminate the workload off your hand. There is a process to follow and Expert House Demolition Sydney can do this for you. We have 25 years of experience which makes us very familiar with the process and the rules and regulations of home demolition in Sydney. You just have to sit back, relax and we'll do the job for you.

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